Roaming Wild is an age old story of man versus wild playing out in the 21st century. Wild horses, cowboys, ranchers, and activists all struggle to defend disappearing ways of life in the West. Handsome, smart, and all cowboy, Marlow Dahl runs a family cattle ranch in rural Nevada and grazes his cows on public lands.  Dark-haired Jill Starr is fiery and determined. She started Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue to save wild horses like Majik from going to slaughter. Dan Elkins, a soft spoken rugged mountain man and unlikely hero, turns to technology to invent new solutions for managing wild horse populations.

An invisible battle is being waged across the American West–over resources, water, freedom–and wild horses find themselves at the epicenter of an age-defining controversy where the demands of modern development collide with the needs of the wild. The public lands they call home are lands of limited resources and increasing demands and competition for those resources. Will family ranching in the West still be viable in the future so Marlow’s children can inherit that way of life?   Will Jill be able to feed all of the horses she has rescued and get them adopted? Can Dan figure out how to control wild horse population levels more humanely?