Kelly Jay Photography: Onaqui Herd, Utah

These stunning photographs by Kelly Jay are of a herd of wild horses called the Onaqui–whose range includes land that runs just 40 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, adjacent to the Dugway Proving Ground. After getting off the highway at Dugway, you turn onto a dirt road that leads to the historic Pony Express route. Some of the Pony Express stops are still visible. The Onaqui have grown accustomed to frequent visitors living so close to the urban world. They are featured prominently in “Roaming Wild,” as their journey in the wild, through round ups, birth control administration, holding facilities and in some cases, return to the wild, is the story of the wild horses of the American West.

In August of 2011, the film’s director Sylvia Johnson and assistant producer Angelica Das were out filming with the Onaqui just outside of Dugway, and met Kelly Jay. Kelly is a local, and expresses her passion for the beauty of the wild horses through photography. The team is privileged to have her support for the making of the film and the use of her incredible still images. These are just a sample, see more of her work and purchase prints here:


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